Diamonds investment route

Diamonds are lately becoming a highly sought after route for investors. Although this route is new, it makes sense when analyzing the diamond market in recent years. “We are being approached by money managers of very wealthy clients, or the wealthy clients themselves, who are all considering investing a small percentage of their portfolio in […]

Yellow Diamonds – Ray of possibilities

Yellow diamonds first found their way into the marketplace in the 1860s after being discovered in the Kimberly and Dutoitspan mines of Cape Provenience South Africa. Prized for their beauty, fancy yellow diamonds are a favorite choice for almost every type of jewelry. They may however, enjoy a first place rating when it comes to […]

Think Pink – Diamonds guide

Introduction:  Pink is one of the rarest naturally occurring diamond colors nature has to offer. Pink diamonds come in a variety of tones from light to vivid pink and frequently have secondary colors such as brown, orange and purple. In today’s market, the demand for Pink Diamonds is high, yet elevated pricing due to their […]

The Magnificent Blue Diamond

The past has shown us that people value sparkling gems. Mystical stories are told about them and many have rumors of divine properties. Of these sparkling gems, one of the rarest is the blue diamonds.Of all the diamonds throughout history, blue diamonds are the second rarest diamonds found today and are some of the most […]